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posted by Ian West / Birmingham / UK : 27. Oktobre 2012

Branding and brand development are fundamental elements of a marketing strategy. For organizations of all sizes, a thorough understanding of their own brand and where it sits in the commercial world is critical.  It is easy to overlook the importance of the brand, especially for small and medium businesses, but even the biggest brands started small. getting the brand fundamentals right at the start can smooth the marketing path immeasurably and help avoid costly branding exercises later.

Branding has been at the core of One Marketing’s philosophy. You will find whitepapers, presentations and checklists on the downloads page. You should also check out the branding blog.
How One Marketing can help build your brand:

  • Brand audits and research
  • Building brand strategies
  • Brand communications
  • Brand naming and design
  • Mentoring and brand leadership
  • Brand evaluation
  • Internationalising your brand
  • Branding in a digital world

Digital marketing and communications have raised many new issues – technology has made us rethink many of the brand communications channels. We are also conversing and dealing on a global stage – cultural and language considerations are more important than ever. Ensuring that our brand values are relevant to all markets is a new and important dimension.


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